the galaxy belongs to us

Dec 2, 2022
colorful and stylized image of swirling orange and purple nebula clouds storming in far galactic space
Joel Filipe

by Quinn Zhael

The galaxy belongs to us
And find for you the key, I must
Four guardians stand at the gate
besta negras lie in wait
Trespass with me you will, I trust

Their eyes burn down into our eyes
They speak in riddles, laced with lies
Snakes writhe and whisper of mistrust —
The galaxy belongs to us

The Oracle is bound and gagged
Our angel lies face down and stabbed
Somehow, my dear, we’ll navigate
And towards the key we’ll gravitate
Together we will forge, and thus
The galaxy belongs to us

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By Quinn Zhael

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front-facing profile of a male deer with large antlers, emerging from a dark cave, fall foliage above
black bird or crow with wings upturned flying at the top right corner of an all white background
person facing the right with a wide teal ribbon covering their face and trailing far behind them out of the image, person’s head is covered in long, straight dark hair falling onto a white shirt, opaque sea or lake and cloudy sky in the background




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