Into the Beast

“oil me up”



Ahmed Karam

Now let’s see Chastity’s point of view

6. I came back to school on — I guess it was a Monday, if that’s when school starts. I had already marked a few hits under my skirt. Killed the pilot, yeah, I scratched his face off like Taz. My plan was to scoop in on another. Clearly, he needed to die. And she needed to die. Everyone needed to die, sooner than later. Simple as that.

Did you read Part 5? “the lines we’re meant to say

I applauded the efforts of those who tried to find me, tracking me like some fugitive beast from their mental zoos. They were a failure and a joke, but, well, there I was.

As for my boy…I was scarily in love with him. Never considered anything outside of it.

I had told him I was going to see him every day. There was a vacant apartment across from school where I squatted for the week. The landlord of the building went missing. I don’t think it was a problem for the tenants. I couldn’t go back home to that thing. My true mother now had wings, and I had found my own. It was time to prey.

I swallowed my thoughts of peace and monogamy altogether. I couldn’t go to him for what I wanted to do. No, I couldn’t risk ruining our chances. And I was so nervous approaching the other men. Each day I went to one claiming it was for an experiment. I don’t know why they followed me up to the apartment, but I was glad they did.

I took him into the dark

On Tuesday, I caught this baldy who wasn’t too — well, he was a dummy. He was laughing the whole walk up, and when we in fact reached the apartment, I looked out the window like I always did. I saw my boy there, walking casually to school, confused as shit that I wasn’t there, no doubt. He was wearing that same pair of Nikes as always. Since my time in the forest, I never looked at shoes the same. I turned back into the room then to face the baldy. His head was shiny. I took him into the dark.

By Saturday, I was getting ready to scoop again. I had just burned a girl with gasoline, and thought how nice a reward it would be to reminisce about Tuesday once more…




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