Body Cut — Kyrielle

Dec 31, 2022


a shining black sculpture of a man’s torso with no head or limbs, black background, the body has some kind of writing or engravings on it, a red-orange light highlights one side of torso
8machine _

by Quinn Zhael

As I awake, my stomach quakes
Limbs — legs and arms, begin to ache
My heart and mind are full of dreams
Body cut open at the seams

I burn inside and try to hide
From a sun that seems to chide
A mind that holds the silent screams
Body cut open at the seams

Give me sun that applauds the day
My blight, affliction, kept at bay
My Besta Negra’s cold eyes gleam
Body cut open at the seams

By Quinn Zhael

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front-facing profile of a male deer with large antlers, emerging from a dark cave, fall foliage above
black bird or crow with wings upturned flying at the top right corner of an all white background
person facing the right with a wide teal ribbon covering their face and trailing far behind them out of the image, person’s head is covered in long, straight dark hair falling onto a white shirt, opaque sea or lake and cloudy sky in the background

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accident site of the front of a train that has crashed into a house, view from inside, rubble and split wood cover the floor, somber mood, dark pines and crows in the background
person, probably a woman, standing in a pitch-black setting looking away from the camera with her arm bent, hand touching near her ear, a bright golden halo sits on her head, she is highlighted by a faint red light




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