A Letter to the First 100 (& some change)

Your following & support mean the most

Lucas George Wendt

To my first 100 followers,

You are not mine, and I am not yours. I thank you for following because it was your choice.

You are not just faces or tiny ball-shaped images. You are human beings — except for the bots. Any bots out there? …

You are programmers and techies tutoring a generation. So much information goes into what you do. Your innovation helps build a world within a world. Your readers appreciate that.

You are psychologists and neurologists. Your comprehensive knowledge fascinates. You introduce us, in the best way, to our own brains.

Any teachers and academics out there? Your work takes more than most people can imagine. We respect you and we need you. You help build our best future.

We can’t forget the artists and the designers! You bring color and aesthetics into an otherwise dull internet. You help people to visualize their dreams coming true. You help us express what words can’t explain.

You hackers — and I don’t mean Mr. Robot-style. Sometimes your titles are click-baity, your topics can be lopsided, but … your tips and wisdom are a sure lifesaver. We’d be lost starting on Medium or embarking on many tasks without you.

And the venters, how you vent. Let all the air out because you’ve been through things that deserve to be told. Your life lessons are more valuable than a million bucks … hopefully, you’ll be receiving them someday soon.

Lastly, my crew. My speakers, my jotters, my typers, and paper crumplers. The ones that pour your hearts and souls onto the page with a wit unmatched. You poets and storytellers, though some don’t see the value in you. See the value in your own expression and the words will do the rest.

Sure, there’s the occasional family member or friend out there. Maybe a few who follow in hopes of getting a follow-back, never reading a word I’ve written. That’s okay. I mean, there are a hundred of ya. There are bound to be a few straddlers.

Either way, I appreciate your follows. I appreciate your reads. I appreciate your claps. I appreciate your stories and your publications. My stories and writing aren’t for everybody, and I thank you for being a part of this sphere. Your follows aren’t just follows, but an opportunity. Your support takes me one step closer to doing what I was born to do. It gives me the incentive to create, to express, to write.

I hope to inspire you and many more in the future, much how you have done me. I look forward to your inspiration on me and many others. So the cycle goes on. Thank you for cycling along.



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No Expert But Of Himself — aka Trystn Waller. Just writing what I know, a bit of what I think I know, hopefully I help others know a bit more than they knew.