6 (Cheap) Ways I Used Household Items for Daily Health

Ready for the sauce?

8 min readNov 17, 2021


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Being healthy is expensive. Just think how much you’ve spent on healthier food options, hygiene, or skincare products? It’s too much, bros and bras, I tell you. Luckily there’s a movement that’s been trying to recapture nature’s more holistic (and let’s face it, inexpensive) remedies. And with my funds lacking like they were, I took full advantage.

Neboh usually writes about mental health topics, but physical health plays a huge role in our self-image, confidence, and overall well-being. In short, I figured it fit the theme close enough.

I’m no guru of natural remedies, no witch doctor, or anything related to health, really. Over the years I’ve learned from a combo of available sources online and self-experimentation. After being my body’s own mad chemist, I found several household solutions to some common health and hygiene issues.

*Full disclaimer: I am not saying to actually do any of this stuff. This is me simply retelling some things that have worked well for me, a 20-something male with no major physical health conditions or disorders. I urge everyone to do further research and take your individual situations into account. If you know your body can handle it, are looking to save some cash, and want more organic solutions for daily health, why not try these out?

Of course, always put your safety first. We wouldn’t want that pretty face to fall off. Without further ado, let’s get saucy!

Zapping Zits

Yeah, so almost all of these “remedies” involve some kind of liquidy substance. Be ready to sauce yourself up. The first thing I want to talk about is an old nemesis of mine by the name of acne. As a teenager up into early adulthood, I struggled immensely with acne. Oh, it was awful, with the blackheads and whiteheads and yellow-looking heads. My face was so bumpy you could burst a tire driving over it.

To make matters worse, me (and my mom, mostly) spent tons of time and effort trying out pills, ointments, gels, and every kind of Proactive and Neutrogena you can think of. After all that money and searching, I came across a better solution. There was this kind of vinegar craze going on a few years back, and people…




No Expert But Of Himself—Just writing what I know, a bit of what I think I know, hopefully I help others know a bit more than they knew.